Acapulco's Mercado Central (Central Market)

In most towns in Mexico, both large and small, there is a Mercado or Mercado Central. It's the place where everyone goes to by local fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and other necessities. There are about 20 blocks of Acapulco Mercado Central, as well as smaller markets in the poblados outside the city center. They sell everything from food, clothing, kitchen wares and appliances, pet supplies, dry goods, fresh flowers, artisan crafts, shoes and basically everything in between.

Fresh Vegetables at the Mercado Central in Acapulco

The vegetables are mostly local grown in the area and are some of the freshest you will find in the world. The fish and seafood are fresh out of the Pacific ocean daily. The meats are butchered right there in the market.

On a recent visit to Acapulco during the Christmas holiday in 2017, Pierre, from Ghetto Gastro in the Bronx, New York proclaimed, "Acapulco has the best food market second only to Thailand that I have ever seen. Acapulco is lucky to have such a jewel.". Pierre and the Ghetto Gastro chefs travel the world giving amazing gourmet food experiences.

Next time you are in Acapulco visit the Mercado Central and all it has to offer.

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