Temporary Import Permits (TIP)

The Temporary Import Permit (TIP) for vehicles is controlled by Aduana (Customs). You will need a TIP if you travel outside of the  Free Border Zone

If you are entering as a Tourist the normal permit is valid for the length of your FMM Tourist Card form, up to 180 days. You can obtain the TIP as you cross the border or online by clicking the button below. You will pay a deposit (depending on the year of your vehicle) and $44 USD + IVA or approximately $51 USD or  $ 70 Canadian for the TIP. If you are ordering online they are now issuing Digital TIP. You must still stop at the entry border. You can order the TIP online up to 60 days in advance of your Mexico border crossing. As a Tourist, once the TIP is issued you cannot extend it from within Mexico.

The Deposit amounts are:
1. $400 USD or $ 548 Canadian for vehicles 2007 and newer
2. $300 USD or $ 411 Canadian for vehicles 2001-2006
3. $200 USD or $ 274 Canadian for older vehicles

You may pay the fees in cash or with a non-Mexican issued credit card. Keep in mind it is best to have that same credit card when leaving Mexico so you get your deposit back without any issues.

The vehicle must be Titled/Registered in the name of the person that is importing it. Recreation Vehicles or RV's often receive a 10 year TIP and there is no deposit for this type of vehicle.

There have been recent reports from travelers to Acapulco that before issuing your TIP at the border they are running a CarFax report on the vehicle.  If your vehicle has a Salvage Title they are denying the TIP. You will need to have the Salvage Title changed to a Rebuilt or Reconditioned Title in your jurisdiction before entering Mexico. We recommend using the button below to obtain the TIP online 10-60 days before your trip. You must enter within that 60 days. You will then know before you go if there is an issue with your Title.

You can also obtain the TIP at several Mexican Consulates in the USA. You have up to 180 days to enter Mexico with TIP's issued at Mexican Consulates.
(Albuquerque, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Sacramento and Pheonix are the Consultes that issue the vehivle TIP in the USA)

The TIP is restricted to vehicles with a GVWR under 7716 pounds.

If you are entering on a Pre-Approved Residente Temporal Visa in your Passport the TIP will be issued for 30 days (The same as your FMM marked CANJE). You must start the process of finalizing your Visa within 30 days of entering Mexico at the INM office. They will give you a page stating that you have started the process. On that page is a NUT Number. Once you start the Visa finalization process and get the NUT Number you will need to visit the Aduana Office in your town and Extend Your TIP. (In Acapulco this is located at the Cruise terminal on the Costera near the Zocalo). Take the page given to you by INM that has your NUT Number on it and you will also need your vehicle title or registration, originals and copies of your passport and the TIP paperwork you received at the border (The paperwork where you removed the window sticker that you placed on your windshield when you obtained the TIP). Once at the Aduana Office they will have you write a letter requesting the extension and process it for you.  There is no fee for doing this. You will repeat this process when your final Visa is approved too.

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Other Notes

Items That May be Imported Along with the Vehicle

You can temporarily import a boat up to four and a half meters (14.7 feet) long including the trailer for transport, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, tri-motorcycles, ATVs or watercraft up to a maximum of three units, for which you must prove ownership. They must be registered on the same TIP as the vehicle. When the vehicle leaves other items/vehicles on the TIP which are tied to the main vehicle's TIP must leave or typically you are sent back to get all "vehicles" on the TIP.

You can not sell a foreign plated car in Mexico. For a Temporary Resident it is recommended you turn in your car permit when you drive out of Mexico. If you don't turn it in and you were unable to return the same vehicle to Mexico (due to total loss, for example), you will have a very hard time having the vehicle removed from the Mexican Aduana system. They will consider the vehicle as still being in Mexico and you will lose your  deposit and be prohibited from bringing in another vehicle for life.

Tolls in Mexico

Toll Roads here in Mexico are recommended to use whenever possible. The button below will allow you to calculate, distance, approximate travel times and Toll costs throughout Mexico. It is recommended to take Toll roads whenever you can while in Mexico.