Dia De Muertos In Acapulco 2018

Dia De Muertos Acapulco is a time to celebrate those that have passed on. Many families decorate grave sites and bring food to feed to family members that have passed on. Bright flowers and fruits and vegetables adorn many cemetaries ach year during this time.

Dia De Muertos Acapulco Drum Competition
Drum Battle for Dia De Los Muertos in Acapulco!

Tomorrow October 27, 2018 in La Diana may percussionists will be competing and walking along the Costera all the way to the Centro de Comvemciones where the competition will be held.

Dia De Muertos Acapulco Drum Competition Beginning at 5pm tomoorw October 27, 2018 at the La Diana de Cazadora. Stop by it will be a lot of fun.

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